3 Advantages of Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing, also called e-prescribing, makes it simpler for healthcare providers to securely enter information about prescriptions onto their devices and transmit this information to pharmacies. This technology is being used more and more by healthcare professionals as the technology improves and medical professionals discover the many benefits of this software.

Enhanced Patient Safety

Electronic prescribing software has been designed to replace the process of calling in prescriptions, writing them out, and faxing them. This has resulted in fewer errors, as handwritten prescriptions may result in drugs being unavailable or dosages being incorrect. Illegible handwriting was also a large issue, resulting in millions of calls every year and delaying patient care.

Clinical Support

E prescribing software allows health providers to gain full visibility and further insight into patients and their health. They can look at any allergies patients have as well as past prescriptions, noting whether or not patients may potentially experience negative reactions. The system will also alert providers to potential drug interactions along with issues that may arise from long term use of prescribed drugs.

Improved Workflow in Pharmacies

E prescribing software

The ability to streamline processes involved in issuing prescribed medications and reducing the time patients have to wait for prescriptions has been another huge benefit of e prescribing. Along with that, it allows pharmacies to expand their services and supply support and care to a higher number of patients. This results in more traffic and increased revenue for pharmacies.

If you’re wondering how you can further improve your pharmacy, you should look into e prescribing software that allows you to make processes even faster and more accurate. Not only will patient safety be enhanced, providers will be able to use this software to prevent negative interactions or experienced with drugs and improve the entire workflow of your pharmacy.